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Extremely effective. Long lasting. You will not be disappointed. Read the reviews on Facebook!



Customer review "Thanks Di, this cream has replaced my ($600) Chanel sublimage cream..." This cream is chock full of vitamin rich extracts, aloe vera, chamomile and other botanicals. Damaged skin will find relief from this non-greasy formula. A very pleasing scent.


All Natural handmade, Organic oils. Goat's Milk, Oatmeal and Neem oil for irritated dry skin relief. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial.


This formulation give lots of lather and smells great. Rosemary Essential Oil is highly beneficial to the hair. Feel the difference in a week!


An excellent blend that works in a conditioner just a well. The formulation provides detangling and soft, silky, shiny hair.


Volumizing Dry Shampoo adds days between harsh washings. Scalp becomes healthy with less washing and produces less oils.


Our very hydrating balms are made with beeswax and no petroleum products. Lips are nourished with vitamin and nutrient rich butters and oils that give a healthy glowing shine to the lips.


Delivery surcharge applies to a 30km radius from Edmonton Centre. 24-48 hours delivery on stock items. Wixy Soap is following all best practices regarding the safe handling and transportation of goods during the COVID19 pandemic.

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