About Wixy

At Wixy Soap we specialize in teaching soap making. We teach the cold process method and the melt and pour methods of making soap.  

The cold process method uses lye, also known as the “old fashioned way” to make soap. We also teach melt and pour soap class which is suitable for all ages. Melt and pour is glycerin soap. Wixy Soap uses only a high-quality base that you will learn to make into beautiful healthy soap. The design of your soap is endless!

Our classes are designed and delivered so that you are confident after the first class.  You will take home the soap mold and a lot of soap and knowledge to make soap on your own in the future....priceless.

Generally, the classes are held on the weekends. Ask about group discounts!  This is a great team-building event. You may purchase soap making supplies at a discount after class. Check out our store for all of our favourite bath and beauty products.

At Wixy Soap, we also offer products with natural organic ingredients, bolstered with vitamin and nutrient-rich botanicals, extracts and aloe. We add essential oils that have properties that are highly coveted in skin and health care. Mineral salts, clays, organic seaweed and other exfoliants have their rightful place in health and beauty products.  

People notice the difference in their skin and hair very soon after using natural products. Skin is moisturized and soothed, the complexion is revitalized.  Natural soap cleans acne prone skin. Hair is shiny, healthy and moisturized. Many of our products are free from SLS / SLES (Sulphates), triclosan, parabens and other harsh chemicals.

Be sure to check out our most popular items like the Natural Deodorant with no aluminum or propylene glycol,